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Best Indian Restaurants in Schaumburg: Schaumburg Indian Grill and Bar

The chefs and cooks representing Chicago’s South Asian population have seen a rebirth in recent years. Restaurants are branching out into more regional food, forcing customers and reviewers in the city to debate more than a dish’s spice level. While the suburban continues to develop, bringing new culinary alternatives, Chicago has more Indian restaurants than ever, and they’re spread out over the city. Experiencing the finest of what Illinois has to offer in Indian cuisine has grown simpler over the years. Schaumburg offers numerous high-quality Indian eateries, but Schaumburg Indian Grill is a local and vacationer’s favorite.

The restaurants include meals from several parts of India, ensuring that foodies in the state do not have to go far if they want a genuine Indian culinary experience. The combination of substantial metropolitan regions and rural farmlands adds a distinct flavor to Indian cuisine, made with a variety of locally obtained products and spices from India.

The Indian community in the state, which has expanded in size over time, has also influenced the food featured in the Indian restaurants in Schaumburg. So, if you’re seeking the best Indian restaurant in Schaumburg, Illinois, you’ve come to the perfect spot. Since it is more than simply a restaurant but offers a wide range of other services!

Schaumburg Grill Menu

At Schaumburg Grill, you may taste Indian cuisine influenced by many places in India. The restaurant, located in the city of Winds, is an excellent choice if you are traveling through with family on vacation or if you are a local who wants to try desi cuisine. The menu includes a variety of vegan and non-vegan alternatives. We have a unique appetizer and entrée menu for vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

Our biryanis include no artificial colors or MSG. Our tandoori and grill dishes are prepared with moderate seasonings, allowing customers, particularly children, to enjoy them. A celebrity chef oversees the cooking and service at this restaurant.

From 11:30 AM until 2:30 PM, the restaurant provides a separate Lunch Menu. It contains


Basmati rice, Indian bread, yellow dal, veg korma, aloo gobi, sambar, raita, and gulab jamun


Basmati rice, Indian bread, dal makhani, chicken curry, palak paneer, sambar, raita, and gulab jamun

Also, our Weekend Brunch Buffet is famous with 20 dishes from different regional Indian cuisines every week on Friday, Saturday, Sunday 12 PM-3 PM. We bring diverse desi cuisine and new Indian cuisine offers every month. Follow our Instagram to stay tuned so you won’t miss it next time.

Schaumburg Bar

With delicious meals comes the need for good beverages. Winter also means dark beers and stirred drinks. The Schaumburg bar combines old-school Chicago tavern charm with modern comfort, focusing on community development and diversity. Schaumburg Bar has a niche for both bar patrons and sober adults. The large patio and well-lit inside room drew customers looking for a comfortable place to consume the fresh beer, wine, and martinis prepared on-site.

The house taps on several types of brews, including the classic one. We also serve complimentary wings for our valued bar patrons. There is an option for both veg and non-veg here as well. We also organize Karaoke night occasionally in our bar facility. The Schaumburg bar is open 7 days a week with their ‘Happy Hours’ everyday 4 PM to 7 PM. For the Happy Hour deals visit our Instagram page and stay updated. This is something other Indian restaurants in Schaumburg don’t offer you and that we guarantee.

Schaumburg Banquet Service

Are you seeking a one-of-a-kind location for your next social gathering? Private dining, weddings, extravagant parties, or collaborative events? Schaumburg Banquet, a leading event location in the heart of Chicago’s northwest suburbs, will make any occasion unique. Schaumburg Banquet is the ideal choice.

Our magnificent dinner space can accommodate a modest or large number of guests. The venue’s sleek and stylish appearance complements any wedding style. Our venue provides a beautiful space ideal for hosting conferences, meetings, conventions, galas, and expos, as well as abundant parking. Make your gathering one remember with our opulent decor and regal ballroom. We believe in exact coordination, virtue, and excellent customer service. The flavor you crave, the quality that inspires, and the service make you feel unique.

Deck the halls and plan the ultimate party with us. Our exclusive Weekday and Weekend party packages for 100 guests, open bar, and food with desi cuisine. We specialize in event planning from a single source to ensure that your event exceeds your expectations. Our dedicated team is here for you, attending to your every need. We guarantee our clients’ pleasure. You may get a 12% discount on your graduation party.

We Got It All For You

At Schaumburg Grill and Bar, we’ve gotten a little preoccupied with showing you a good time over the years. We have everything for everyone: a restaurant, a bar, a karaoke fun nightclub, and a banquet hall. We will do all in our power to ensure that as many people as possible have a good time. Thus, Schaumburg Grill and Bar is well-known for its diverse Indian cuisine. It is unrivaled for lunch and supper service, private event facilities, and a bar. We indeed provide a plethora of activities, promos, and bespoke events to meet your every requirement.

Among Indian restaurants in Schaumburg, Schaumburg Grill is the best when it comes to other services and activities. Following the safety of our consumers, we adhere to rigorous Covid guidelines, including obligatory Covid vaccination and testing. For further information, you can visit our gallery or contact us at [email protected].

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